Feeling lost about how to play for ballet classes?

With the Ballet Pianist Course, you will learn to play for ballet classes and understand what dancers need from your music.

Come join me as I teach you how to musically approach a ballet class and use your piano knowledge. I’ll also give you juicy scores and ways to construct your individual repertoire of improvisation and musical ideas.

I’ll show you how whatever skill you have, whether it’s sight reading, improvisation, or any other type of musical skill, is transferable to your profession as a ballet class piano player.

By the end of the course, you’ll combine your knowledge and unique creativity with the techniques I’m teaching, building the music for an entire ballet class. You’ll be ready and eager to play for dancers!


How long does it take to complete the Ballet Pianist Course?

That depends on you! You get a self-spaced course with lifetime access, so it's entirely up to you. The video material is around 4 hours and there are plenty of documents and scores connected with them.

Is there a level required to take the Ballet Pianist Couse?

Yep! The course is for pianists that have an advanced level of piano techniques and music theory and that have, at least, two of these capabilities: good sight-reading music, improvisation skills in one or two music genres, and composition skills.

As a result of the varied needs of the dancers they play for, ballet class pianists must be flexible and eager to adapt quickly to their musical requirements and all the challenges of our profession. The more open-minded you are and the more musical resources you have, the more you get to develop the knowledge that this course gives you.

Do I need any specific computer skills to complete the course?

Nope! If you managed to get to this page and buy the course, then the rest is easy.

Still, I got you – I will send some brief instructions on accessing the course. You will then mostly work with the piano and the free software already available on your computer.

Do I need to print the material or download the videos?

The videos cannot be downloaded, but you can watch them as many times as you need on the Teachable platform. About the PDF and scores, you are free to choose if you want to print them or if you want to keep them on your computer. They will be available to download at any time.

Yuko Yoshioka

Ballet pianist at Queensland Ballet - Australia

I couldn't make it to get my current ballet pianist position without your online course. On the previous night of the audition, I looked back at all of your classes and that helped me a lot. Especially, the last chapter encouraged me when you said "Enjoy playing".

Pablo Ramírez

Pianist at Teatro Municipal

de Santiago - Chile

Mariana has a deep understanding of both worlds, dance and music, which combined with strong musicianship make her a fantastic accompanist. I asked for her advice to enhance my playing for company classes so we scheduled a few online coaching sessions. Her insight and bright ideas helped me a lot. We had a great time!

Pablo Pino Falcón

Pianist at the Conservatorio Profesional de Danza - Spain

Mariana has been the perfect introduction I needed to the world of dance accompaniment. Thanks to her, I managed to pass the tests that allowed me to work as a dance accompanying pianist.

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